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A website that is out of date is not going to receive the views it needs to be successful. As soon as someone sees a website that it not up to date with the times. This doesn’t just include the looks of your website. It also includes what you put on there. Today, websites should contain blogs, recent articles, pictures, mobile versions, and email subscriptions. If you’re website isn’t up to date with today’s technologies, it’s time to reevaluate. Here a few tips to know if your website needs to be revamped.

If your website isn’t getting a lot of traffic, if it has unused features or if the purpose of your website has changed you need to take another look at you website. All of this examples suggest that your website needs an update. Now, I will fill you in on some ideas that can get your website the views it needs.

Be sure to have a mobile version of your website. Technology has changed greatly and more people use their phones for everyday use, such as looking up websites. As stated in an earlier post, it is very important to have a blog nowadays. It gives you the opportunity to communicate and create a relationship with clients. It will also help drive me to your website.

Contact Information! Put it everywhere on your website. The more difficult it is to find the less interested the potential client will be. Don’t make it hard for them to contact you. Another way to be in contact with potential clients is through email subscriptions. Allow viewers to sign up on your website to be part of your mailing list. This will show you, the company, that they are very interested in your products/services.

On your website, be sure to supply enough information to get people interested and in the know. If they are fully interested they will take the next step by contacting you.The more information the better!

There are so many social media channels and technologies that will allow you to post the same thing on multiple channels. First, there was Facebook, followed by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.It is easy to post on all the various social media channels and it allows you to reach more people.Based on your target audience you can decide which are the best channels to focus on, not all of them may work for you. Rock the Aisle Bridal promotes mostly on Facebook and Instagram. This is where we can post upcoming events, promotions, and recent blog posts. Most of our brides like to have the visual aspect. Each business should have one core message that they are trying to get out and it will be better received if it is put out on multiple social media networks. In this sense, it is ok to overload!

Make sure you are taking the right steps to a successful website. You can do so by checking out other websites. See how they are set up and if you are interested in what they have to offer. Your website and social media are often what give the client their first impression of the company. Make sure it represents who you are.

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