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Increasingly, brides are researching more than ever before making a buying decision. They are online, picking up bridal magazines, and attending bridal shows. Wedding planning has always been and will remain an immersive experience. Back in 1885 Thomas Smith wrote a guide called, “Successful Advertising.” In this guide he postulated that a consumer has to see an advertisement 20 times before they buy its offering. In today’s marketing terms we call this concept, “effective frequency.”

If you have ever organized your leads in a pie chart based on their source, you will most likely see a pacman shaped pie chart with the biggest sources being referrals (past clients, friends, family, and professional contacts). While this is good thing, it is often not enough to sustain a successful flow of leads to make sales.

At Rock the Aisle we think about effective frequency and lead sources in context to wedding professionals all of the time. And, that is exactly why we publish and distribute Rock the Aisle Magazine. In today’s hyper-competitive market It’s not enough for you yo exhibit at one bridal show or place on online advertisement on a major bridal website.

Distribution that Rocks!

Not only do we distribute Rock the Aisle Magazine at our all of our NJ and PA bridal shows but we also distribute them to every venue we work with! Premiering in late 2013, 2014 distribution will be 10,000 magazines.

FREE Website Listing

Been Seen EVERYWHERE with Rock the Aisle Magazine. No matter what size advertisement, you purchase with you will receive a free website listing in our vendor directory at the Reach Level for 12 months, plus don’t forget we distribute this publication at EVERY Rock the Aisle Bridal Show!

Content-Rich with a Fresh Perspective

Rock the Aisle Magazine offers readers pages of content-rich, compelling stories, tips, real weddings, and of course editorials highlights our featured advertisers. As a brand that attracts such a highly engaged audience, we bring a fresh perspective to the typical “bridal magazine” by offering more to readers than stock images, generic wedding tips, and advertisements.

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