Engaging With You Audience Through Newsletters & Snail Mail

The customers and people you serve are what can make or break the successfulness of a small business.  Without properly communicating with and serving your customers and audience, your small business will suffer the consequences.  There are numerous ways to communicate with your audience, but it is essential to execute in your delivery and method of communication.  Without thoughtfully developing a creative message, your audience will not take the time to read and inquire about what your business does.  Some effective ways in communicating with your audience are via email newsletter or even snail mail.


For a wedding planning company, communicating with your target audience is imperative in growing your business.  Throughout the whole process of planning a wedding, communication is a key component to making a wedding flawless.  While many brides and grooms are engaged for a year or more, they generally have a lot of time to think about how they wish to arrange their wedding.  This also means that couples have plenty of time to choose the right company to plan their wedding.  This is where the communication process starts, as the main goal is to show couples how your company can make their wedding the best it can be.  


Bridal shows are often the beginning process in planning a wedding, as brides can get a general idea and feel of how they wish to style their wedding.  The future brides in attendance may not have chosen a wedding planner yet, which is why having successful messaging is a key factor.  For starters, heavily marketing your business will notify people what your business does.  Without your audience having the proper knowledge of your company, your messaging will fall by the wayside.  By doing some social media research, you can reach out to people who are planning to get married, and attempt to get them to sign up for your company’s email newsletter.  

Any successful company writes newsletters to touch base with their audience.  Newsletters provide an update of the current events of the company, and give notice of upcoming events held by the business.  Newsletters are a great way to increase attendance for a bridal show.  Generally posted on the company’s website or emailed to those who have signed up for the newsletter, the business can interact with its audience in a personal and friendly way.  To gain viewership of your company’s newsletters, the best method is to send out an email sign up sheet at each bridal show.  People check their email much more frequently than visiting your company’s website, so your newsletter will reach more eyes when sent via email.  


To maintain a strong following for your company’s newsletters, they must contain strong and creative content.  With the amount of spam and junk mail people receive, emails are often deleted before they are opened.  By writing a strong subject headline, people will be more likely to open your newsletter.  Following through with a compelling, but concise article will likely generate positive feedback, therefore giving your company a chance to grow and expand its newsletters audience.  


While some may believe the method of using snail mail is not a strong way of getting your messaging to your audience, this in fact is not true.  With so much advertising on the web, a large portion of it goes unnoticed.  If a newsletter, advertisement, or pitch is sent through the mail, where less advertising is sent, your messaging is more likely to be noticed.  To gain even better feedback, you can get creative with your packaging, therefore ensuring your message will not go unnoticed.  


A small business must maintain contact with its audience.  By doing so, it shows that your company cares about its customers, as well as the future of the company.  By keeping your audience updated on what the business is doing, you will gain a positive reception and expand your business.  

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