Rock the Aisle Door Prize Program

Rock the Aisle Bridal offers door prizes to create a buzz and boost traffic. It allows the customer to feel as though they are receiving something extra, something no one else will offer them. Giving brides an incentive to book with a specific service gives the business a chance to have a face to face conversation.

When potential customers are offered door prizes, it basically puts them into the hands of your business. For example, if there’s a $100 discount door prize offer for a service a bride will need, such as hair and makeup, the bride is going to be interested in finding out more about that business while she’s at the show.

Components of an effective door prize are fairly simple. You want the bride to win something that’s significant to her special day. It should not be a water bottle or t-shirt with your business name plastered on it.

Door prizes that save people money or offer a free service with the purchase of another service are examples of effective door prizes that will lead to the most effective form of communication; face to face. To catch the eye of a potential consumer means you are already on the right track to selling your service, so to have a door prize that truly meets a bride’s needs is important.

By researching your clientele’s needs you will be able to create a door prize that not only sparks an interest in your service but entices your potential consumer to seek out further information about what you can do for them.

Make sure your prize is something attainable by the demographic you are pitching to and ensure that your prize has a unique element to it. Make your door prize simple to obtain and understand.

To ensure your business still has the opportunity to make a profit you may want to use a BOGO deal. Buying one service in order to get another at a discounted price may be something interesting for a business that offers more than one type of commodity.

Following up with a door prize winner could make or break a sale. You want to get to know about that specific, interested customer before asking them to book. Chances are they’ve been asked to book with other vendors all day.

It’s important to uncover what’s important to them and let them take over a portion of the conversation so that you don’t come off too sales driven. Giving your potential client the freedom to choose what they want is important, but you also want to ensure that you are committed to achieving their every need. It is also important to have all of the information regarding a specific door prize opportunity to keep your consumer interested.

When a winner approaches you with their prize it is important to make them feel of utmost importance.They are now one step closer to using your product than before and it is important to be aware of the fact that this may be the first time this person is hearing of your business.

Whether a winner agrees to using your product at the time at which they have won, or if they feel the need to think it over, obtaining their email, phone number or any form of contact will benefit the progression of the relationship. Reaching out to remind them of their prize will keep your business fresh in their minds and give you the opportunity to also connect on a more personal level.

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