NJ Bridal Shows Exhibitor Toolkit

So you are getting ready for a NJ bridal show and you want to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Personally, when we are packing our road cases for our NJ and Philadelphia bridal shows it feels like we are packing for a camping trip; trying not for forget anything! Below is a quick generic list that you can reference when you pack for your upcoming NJ or Philadelphia bridal show:

1. Company Display Sign & Stand for Sales Table
2. Product Samples (albums, flowers, cupcakes, candy, etc.)
3. Contact Forms
4. Clipboards (2)
5. Pens (lots of extra pens)
6. Promotional Handouts/Flyers
7. Laptops
8. Extension Cords (Up to 25 feet)
9. Power Strip
10. Booth emergency kit (Band-Aids, duct tape, bottles of water, etc)
11. Staff Emergency Contact Information

Think we missed something? Post a comment and let us know! We would love to add to this list to help our exhibitors prepare for NJ and Philadelphia bridal shows.

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