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Having a Strong Online Presence

As you know the internet has transformed how we connect with prospects and how they make buying decisions. Today’s bride is more educated, well informed, and quite frankly savvy than she used to be just a few years ago. If you are going to have any shot at all in making a connection and earning a sale is to be where she is most likely spending most of her wedding planning; and that’s online.

As you can imagine, because of the great crowds that our shows bring, we have an absolutely tremendous amount of local brides who visit our website to register and look for planning ideas. With our commitment to low cost advertising solutions we created the Rock the Aisle Bridal Vendor Directory.

Did you know that our main vendor directory page is our third most visited page on the entire Rock the Aisle Bridal website only after our home and bridal show schedule pages? What better way to supercharge your NJ wedding marketing efforts.

3 Levels Based On Your Budget

1. FREE Highlight Listings: Thats right, no charge, 100% FREE! Just sign up (no credit card or bridal show attendance required). Once we review your submission, we will add your business (with link to your website) within a few days.

2. Low Cost Featured Listings: These listings are placed above the highlight listings for greater visibility of viewing brides, come with the same benefits as our FREE highlight listings but we pack a whole lot more. A few added benefits include up to 50 images in the photos section, up to 3 promotional videos in the video section, and more. These listings are available for less than a cup of coffee per day! What are you waiting for, sign up today for this more than affordable program that will help you book more weddings.

3. Preferred Vendor Listings: Of course wedding professionals who are enrolled in our low, low monthly preferred vendor program receive maximum exposure and top billing to the masses of brides who view our vendor directory EVERYDAY. If you are truly interested making having your wedding business making a positive impact on your life by booking more weddings and earning more money, the preferred vendor program is for you!

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