Effectively Using Social Media to Propel Your Business


While any small business owner should know the importance of applying social media to their business, there are numerous tools and approaches in social media that can greatly benefit your business, but either go unused or unnoticed.  There are countless resources at your disposal on social media, and your business will only benefit and prosper if these resources are executed efficiently.  Nearly every reporter operates a Twitter account, which is why it is important to monitor local reporters who could potentially write an article for your small business.  


Each reporter is different in multiple ways, they have different interests, writing styles, approaches, and opinions.  Twitter is the ideal social media site to use to understand the personalities of each reporter, as they can freely express their viewpoints on certain topics.  By actively monitoring reporters on Twitter, you can customize a pitch that will appeal to them, and send it at an appropriate time.  


While some people may not be familiar with Twitter, it is highly essential for being successful from a public relations standpoint.  Twitter is a constant flow of information, and as it keeps updating, it gives more opportunities about how your small business can advance and appeal to its target audience.  


Perhaps the most necessary aspect of a small business is gaining exposure, and reporters are the people who can help make that happen.  In order to have reporters publish material about your company, you must have the right material and approach to gain their attention.  While having a good story and pitch are fundamental in getting a reporter’s attention, knowing when to contact about a specific topic is important as well.  This is where monitoring tweets comes into play.  If a reporter is passionate about a specific topic, and is frequently tweeting about a specific subject, then it is the right moment to strike, and to develop a pitch to get the reporter’s attention.    


As a wedding planning company located on the Jersey Shore, many couples who use Enchanted Celebrations share their memories on various social media sites.  However, before couples even choose Enchanted Celebrations to plan their wedding, future brides can attend a bridal show to get an initial idea of how they want to style their wedding.  These bridal shows can greatly benefit the brides in attendance, by giving them plenty of ideas on how they can get creative with their wedding.  


To get more exposure for Enchanted Celebrations, it would be a good idea to connect with reporters who specialize in local news, or even fashion trends.  Any small business should have connections with multiple reporters, and have a clear understanding about what they personally like to write about.  While there are countless bloggers and reporters who write about fashion, finding the right reporter for your business is what can make or break your future successes.  


While not all reporters write at the same level, it is important to choose a reporter who will write in the style that will easily appeal to your target audience.  For example, choosing a reporter who writes at a 12th grade level will likely bore or confuse your readers.  An article written at a 6th or 7th grade level will make it easier to understand, and your audience will likely be more receptive to the information given.


Having strong relationships with reporters is important for any business, but it is the small businesses that need the exposure the most.  By building a working relationship with reporters, your business can branch out, and gain the recognition it deserves to build on its success.

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