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Social media has been transformed into a marketing channel. Just like newspapers and magazines, social media channels are used to advertise. This was not the sole purpose of social media but this is what it has become. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become necessary marketing tactics for companies. In order to promote successfully on social media platforms, there are a few tips and tricks to do so.

Facebook and Instagram are popular for advertising. As stated in the previous post, Facebook allows for paid advertisements which can be run for however long you like. You can also opt for the free route by posting on your own company’s Facebook page. Doing it through the company’s Facebook page attracts to people who are already interested in the company. The pro to paying a low cost for advertisements is more traffic on webpage. When people see the advertisement and click on it, it will immediately bring in more views to a company’s website.

Everyone knows where to market a company through social media channels, but they don’t necessarily know how. You need to create a consistent brand message. This needs to be portrayed on all social media channels. All channels should coincide with each other. It will help build trust between the viewers.

Updates need to be posted regularly. You do not want you company to get lost in the mix, you want to stand out. Be consistent with your posts but be sure that they are also memorable. You may be consistent with posts but they need to be expressing a message that is reaching your intended target audience. With a target audience, it is important to define that early on. As a bridal business our primary target audience are of course, brides. Anything we post or tweet is almost always targeted to them.

LinkedIn is a great way for your company to get more branding but can also reach your target audience. There are a lot of different additions you can put on your company LinkedIn profile. Through LinkedIn you can grow your company following by allowing employees to be administrators for the profile. Being an administrator can allow he or she to promote the company. You can target your updates and messages to a specific audience.

With any social media channel it is important to interact with your audience. Especially through Twitter, users can ask questions. It’s simple, they ask, you answer. Being interactive with followers can increase site traffic. You can also ask your customers questions and get direct feedback.Engaging with your customers and getting them involved is one of the most important things. You want to come off as an approachable company that listens to people’s concerns. Through this technique you can learn a lot about your business and a lot about your audience.

Always keep an eye on your competitors. See what they are doing and if what they are doing is working, do that but do it better. Put your own personalized spin on the technique and see if you get a similar or better reaction from users.
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