10 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business



BBTB-16In order for companies to get the brand recognition they are looking for, there are a few tips to help them succeed in their marketing field:

  1. Get the Bang for Your Buck- Everyone wants to save money any way they can and we all want to get our money’s worth as well! So it is important, if you are going to put money out make sure it is going to be effective.
  2. Social Networking- Anyone can advertise on social media but you need to do it right. Make sure to coordinate each media channel, they should be working together to help achieve one goal. Social media marketing is also a great way to receive feedback, so listen to what the people are saying and adjust to that.
  3. Be Local- Take part in things going on in your community whether that be sponsoring a little league team or taking part in a 5k. Show the community that you are trying to do more than make money. Be present in your community, this will show them that you care and it could bring in more customers!
  4. Blog!- This goes along with social media but engage’s customers a bit more. Blogging can be used to establish your company’s voice and share information. It allows our company to show potential clients our ideas, what we have done in the past and what we can do. It creates an outlet for viewers to see the more creative side.
  5. Update- No one wants to see a website that is stuck in the 2000s. In order to be successful, your company needs to be up to date with all the latest fads such as blogging. Update your website with recent photos, new articles and upcoming events. Websites are often where people will receive their first impressions of a company.
  6. Develop a Branding Strategy- Create a mood board or theme that you stick to; colors, pictures etc. This can be shown through the company’s website. How do you want people to view your company? A common theme that we stick to is pink, purple, green and blue. Make it tasteful, yet noticeable.
  7. Overload- Your company should have one core message that they are trying to get across and it’s a good idea to let that message be seen everywhere! You can do so by posting the same message on all your social media accounts.
  8. Create a Budget- Figure out what you need most, is it building a brand name, getting more leads or increasing sales? Once you figure that out you can determine a budget. For Rock the Aisle Bridal we focus on our shows as a main marketing tactic. Through shows we can open up to the community at a low cost.
  9. Personalize- Any marketing techniques you do should represent your company the best way it can. A person can understand a company better just by looking at one of its advertisements. Personalizing will help your audience feel more comfortable and interested.
  10. Exhibit an Event- It’s a great way to gain new customers and increase your exposure. Bridal Shows are one way we open up our business to potential customers. We allow vendors to come in and advertise to brides. Exhibiting an event to get our name out there helps to create relationships with vendors and help brides make the wedding process less stressful.

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