Book More at the Bridal Show – Bring Your Audience

Exhibitors always ask us about how they can book more weddings from exhibiting at bridal shows. Of course, that’s a loaded question because there are many, many factors that go into bridal show marketing and there is no one magic answer. Sorry, I know you didn’t want to hear that.

However, one really easy tip that we give exhibitors, especially ones new to bridal show advertising is to bring their audience to the show. Why?

It may sound counter intuitive because yes, you are exhibiting at a bridal show for new leads. Why would you want to see those leads again if you already have their information and you already attempted to sell to them?

1. Add Credibility To Your Brand

Exhibiting builds credibility. When you announce that you are exhibiting at a bridal show, you are instantly building credibility. Fly by night, shady businesses don’t exhibit. So, by appearing in the community, you are telling prospects you are credible, building your brand, and not afraid to engage with customers on a 1 on 1 level; not just behind impersonal emails.

2. Push Hard To Close Leads by Having More Face Time

Even though you may be working a lead and offering incentives to book your service, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the help to push them over the top to get the sale sooner. While the internet has helped small businesses reach more people than ever before, it has also brought a certain level of distance as well. Don’t you feel most of your clients prefer to send you an email as opposed to picking up the phone? Bridal shows by nature require brides to come out and meet you, in person.

If you have you been working a lead for a while and you just can’t get anywhere with them, consider inviting them to a bridal show that you will be exhibiting. You can tell them you will be offering new, bridal show only specials and you would like to meet them face to face. You’d be surprised to see how many “old” leads you will be able to close by just meeting them in person, in a neutral setting.

Show Off Your Happy Clients to New Prospective Clients

This tactic is one of our absolute favorites because it leverages your past, happy clients. Are you on really, really friendly terms with some of your past clients? If you are and the show is local to them, you may want to consider asking them to come to the show just to “hang out” by your booth. They can help themselves to free food and drink at the show, and in the meantime act as unofficial salespeople to new prospects. Imagine you are speaking to a new prospect but another prospect is walking to your table. What you don’t want to do is have that prospect think you are busy and to keep walking by; don’t miss out on valuable foot traffic – it’s what your paying for! Instead, your past clients can step in and introduce themselves as a past, happy customer. It would mean alot to the new prospect to see that your service is so good, that even your clients are working for you!

Now, it may be awkward to ask a past client to work a show for you for free but first, they aren’t really “working.” It’s not like they are setting up, breaking down, or even passing out flyers. They are just talking about their past experience with your company. To further entice your past clients to help out at a local show, you may want to consider offering them a discount or something free in return. For example, if your a florist, you can offer them one of your table arrangements to take home for their kitchen (I know my wife loves fresh flowers in the kitchen). If you are a limo company, you can offer them $75 off their next airport run.That’s still cheaper than what you would have to pay show help anyway.

How Can You Bring Your Audience?

That’s the beauty about this marketing tactic, it’s effective and absolutely FREE!

1. Post on your company’s Facebook that you are attending the show. Include the date, time, venue, and the bride page registration link so they can register easily. Once they register, they will be in our system and we will remind them as the show gets closer.

2. Send an email to the leads you are currently working and your past clients to refer a friend.

3. Add to your email signature that you will be exhibiting at an upcoming bridal show; include the bride page registration link.

4. Make a post on your company’s blog about the show and some discounts that you will be offering for new bookings. Place the link of the bride registration page so brides can register eaisly.

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