Best NJ Bridal Show Display Tip #4


Standing out in front forces you and your team to engage with the brides. It also makes your table more personable. If you are standing behind a table it gives off the impression that you are reserved or passive. A bride probably wants someone who is aggressive and knows how to get done whatever they need done. Also, it’s a lot easier to pass by a table then it is a person. If you are standing closer to where the brides are walking, in front of your table, greet them as they are walking by. You don’t have to try and sell them anything but being personable might make them take a step back and realize they had missed your company. Bridal shows can be overwhelming and most of the time brides might not realize they haven’t seen one particular table. Become noticeable with your personality instead of relying on the visual aspect of your table.

Being out in front also makes you a lot more approachable than if you’re back behind the table. This allows people to easily come up to you and start a conversation about your company and what you can do for their wedding!



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