Bridal Show Follow-up Tip #2

Bridal Show Follow-up Tip #2 Follow-up Quickly

At Rock the Aisle, we have a policy to make sure that our exhibitors and partners  receive the list of leads by 10AM the following morning.  We have this policy not because we enjoying bringing in additional staff for data entry or that we are crazy. As a matter of fact, it’s almost an industry standard that most other bridal show companies can take up to two weeks to get the leads out.

So why do we get them out so fast? It’s easy because we want (need) our exhibitors to start the follow-up process as soon as possible after the show. Ever hear the expression, ‘strike while the iron is hot?’ That’s what we need you to do immediately after the show!

When we talk to exhibitors at our shows, it turns our stomach when we ask them how they plan to follow-up with the leads list they say, “well, I want to give them a few days to go through all of the material they collected and I don’t want to email or call them too soon because I want them to see my website first, blah, blah, blah.”

Let me pose this questions to you. Who do you think the prospect is going to call or email first to get basic information concerning your product or service, they company who gave them a single page flyer at the show and they never heard from again, or the one who just happened to send them an that afternoon and you are at the top of their inbox?

It’s easy, the one who they get the email from! We do not advertise a honeymoon giveaway or free food to attract brides to our shows, our attendees want to buy from our exhibitors. Actually, when surveyed, 52% of attendees respond that the number one reason they came to at Rock the Aisle bridal show was to meet the venue and exhibitors. So in other words, don’t be afraid to sell to them and sell to them fast.

Now, I know that I am most likely going to get a dozen or so email about how sending one email quickly after them show is not going to get you more business than if you make a good first impression at the show, or the argument based on, “if they liked me at the show they will contact me.”

Look, I agree, the bridal show/trade show format is where small businesses thrive; it gives owners the opportunity to get out there and show their passion to the masses at a one on one basis. And yes, if they do like you at the show, they will call you. However, a big part of what you are paying for when you exhibit is the list of brides. Deciding not to work the list and only relying on making a return on your investment on show day from 1-3PM is extremely risky, and we don’t recommend it.

Does your business need help creating a cost effective follow-up plan? If you are making the decision to invest in a bridal show, you need a solid plan that you are ready to execute the Monday after show day. Drop us a line, we would love to help!

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