How Effective Online Content Can Produce a Profit

For any business to be successful in the 21st Century, big or small, must have an online and social media presence.  Without an effective website or social media page(s), your audience may feel skeptical and reluctant to use your services.  In most cases, your business’s online presence is the first impression people will get of your company.  If a potential customer views an ineffective website or social media page, they will likely leave your site and never even consider using your services.  When operating a small business, it is imperative to not alienate any potential customer.  Small businesses fail a majority of the time, so there is very little room for mistakes.  


While there are many ways to spice up your website or social media account, one of the most effective elements is the use of video.  Bridal shows generally last for about two hours, leaving more than enough time to create a short video clip.  Some future brides may feel they do not need to attend a bridal show, or may not even know that much about what goes on at a show.  By having a video easily accessible on your website, your audience can see all of fun and entertainment that goes on at a bridal show.  


When making a video for a bridal show, it is important to make it the best quality it can be.  The video(s) you show on your website are a reflection of your company.  A poor quality video will in no doubt turn your audience away, as any wedding requires the top professional quality offered. When deciding which content you would like to include in your video, it is important to combine several aspects and viewpoints of the bridal show.  A two hour bridal show provides plenty of material for your website, but an efficient video requires no more than five minutes.  People browsing the web generally have shorter attention spans, and will likely not spend a significant amount of time on one page or website.  


To make your website’s video as persuasive and effective as possible, it is essential to only include the important and exciting elements of a bridal show.  A video that drags out without any intriguing material will bore your audience.  Condensing a two hour bridal show into a five minute video may seem overwhelming at first, but having plenty of material to choose from is a huge benefit.  By going through the footage, you can pick and choose the best clips to include in your website’s video.   


Choosing the right footage is what may seem like the hardest part.  The most important clips to use are quotes from the future brides in attendance.  As most of the video’s viewers will be bride’s to be, they can easily relate to one another.  When filming the video at a bridal show, it is important to ask questions that will probe a descriptive answer.  Having a bride go into detail about how beneficial the bridal show was in the process of planning her wedding will certainly persuade brides to attend future shows.  


Lastly, it is important to regularly update the videos on your company’s website.  If the same video is used for a long period of time, roughly a year or so, your audience may notice, and may get the feeling that your company is is lazy.  This does not only apply to videos, but your entire website as whole.  Taking the time to improve and revise your website is instrumental in making your business stand out amongst the competition.  

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