How Creating a Positive Public Image Can Advance Your Company

One of the easiest and foremost ways to generate good public relations in the 21st Century is to hold an environmental or “green” event.  For a wedding planning company, it may be hard to find a way to incorporate going green into the business’s practices, but with enough creative thinking, there are countless ways a company can hold events in benefiting the well being of the environment.  


Any company that declares itself as “green” will in no doubt garner positive publicity.  Protecting the environment is something many people are passionate about, especially the younger generation of people getting married.  By establishing your company as a business who is green, you can better appeal to the demographic you are aiming for.  


There are several easy and effective ways to make any bridal show promote protecting

the environment.  Asking for donations is the easiest and most cost effective way of raising money for the environment.  However, since weddings are expensive, some people may be reluctant to donate.  To encourage people to donate, it is important to let your customers know what makes your company green.  Lots of materials go into a bridal show, such as brochures, magazines, and business cards, all of which can be made from recycled materials.  By including text stating “this product is made from recycled materials”, your audience will clearly understand the environmental position of your company.  


Positioning your company as environmentally friendly is one way to generate positive publicity, but general philanthropic events go hand in hand with being environmentally friendly.  A bridal show is a great place to promote a philanthropic event.  A charity walk, or a 5k run can be held to generate money for any cause, whether it be environmental or health related.  These type of events usually generate a positive turn out, because people can get exercise with a group of friends while also helping a specific cause.  


It is important to get as many members of your business/staff to participate in any type of charity event, as the more people involved, the better publicity will be generated.  When deciding which cause you would like to help raise money for, it is important to choose one that will appeal to your audience.  For a bridal show, environmental, animal, and children foundations would likely appeal most to potential brides.  While there are countless organizations that can be donated to, it is important to pick the ones that will relate best with your audience, therefore getting more donations.  


While any type of awareness or charity event will give your business good publicity, there are plenty of ways to make your event even more successful.  A compelling, sentimental story will boost the appeal and attractiveness of your charity event.  Choosing a charity that in some way relates to your company will also garner more donations.  For example, if an employee of your company or someone they know is suffering from a sickness, choosing a foundation that raises money for that particular illness will increase donations.  

While conducting a charity event or raising money through donations will certainly gain the public’s appeal for your small business, it is important to position your company as a business who cares about the specific event.  By appearing to simply raise money only to improve your public image, people will be less inclined to donate.  By showing sensitivity in your writing, and also using an appealing story to relate to your event will certainly improve the effectiveness of not only your charity event, but your public relations appearance as well.    

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