How to Put Your Company on The Map: Press Kits

Entering the world of “small business” can be quite risky.  However, with the right knowledge and expertise, operating a successful small business can easily become a reality.  There are many intricate elements that go into making a small business successful, and it is very important to execute on all levels. An impressive press kit will stimulate your audience and peers alike.


Getting your small business on the map is the first step in improving your company.  The easiest way to do this is through press coverage.  With social media, reaching out to the public is easy, but getting the audience to further inquire about your business is the hardest part.  With so many people and businesses present on social media, your work can get lost if it is not appealing to your audience.    


Developing a press kit is essential in getting the media’s attention for your business.  By creating a press kit, it gives the media and your audience a background of what your business is about, as well the main employees of your business.  By giving your audience some general knowledge about your business,  they will feel more comfortable with your services.  Including headshots and executive bios describing the employee’s previous work experience and their position with the current company can give the audience a sense of trust.  By clearly showing how each employee of your business is well rounded and experienced, potential customers will be more receptive when it comes to using your company’s services.  


An effective press kit must include a description of the products or services your company has to offer.  Your press kit can include wonderful descriptions about your employees, but without a compelling description of what your company can do for your audience, your business will have no shot at being successful.  It is not necessary for your press kit product/service descriptions to be long, highly descriptive paragraphs.  Doing so will bore your readers, and they will likely lose interest if your descriptions are text heavy.  A short, brief paragraph is all that is needed, so your readers can get the general information that your company offers.  However, you do not want to give too much away, because competitors can potentially take away from your product or service ideas.  


Working with a small business that does a large portion of its work through bridal and trade shows, getting media attention is the easiest and most simple way of expanding your business.  While wedding planning is extremely stressful, positioning your company and its employees as the “wedding planning experts” will immediately give your audience a sense of trust.


Having an active social media presence is vital for any company to be successful in the 21st Century.  Many companies do not use the free and easy to use tools of social media, therefore limiting their business and profits.  For a business that primarily focuses on wedding planning, having a social media presence is a must.  Why? Because many people getting married are between the ages 25-34, and have grown up in the age where nearly everyone their age is present on social media.  By using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can give your audience plenty of information about your company.  Posting photos of previous weddings and bridal shows can give your audience a look in at how wonderful weddings are planned through your company.  And, the best part about using social media is that it is completely free!


Some companies are reluctant to use social media and having a heavy online presence.  In order for your small business to have success, heavily making yourself online is the easiest way to gain more customers and profit.  So, take advantage of the tools online, and use them to your company’s benefit.  

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