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With any business, it is important to make it your own. Create the company based on your own personality or the company’s overall personality. It’s pretty rare that you come across a company that adds its own special flare to everything, but that is what makes them unique. It can really make a difference and help you stand out from other competitors. What does it mean to personalize a company? I asked myself this question before writing, but after a little bit of research I have come to the conclusion that personalization comes from detail. Detail can be in the way you design something, the way you talk to customers, or building a reputation within your community. The best thing about being a small business is being able to be personable with your customers. It allows you to be more intimate with your relationships, which is something bigger companies can’t do. If you pay attention to details, it lets customers know that you personally care and it keeps them coming back.

It is very easy to get caught up in the business and lose personality. Paying attention to details such as the way you communicate to a customer, can turn a good situation into a great one. Not everyone is going to want to be as engaged. Pay attention to the way people interact with you. If they are solely focused on business, stick to that. If they seem to be more personable, adjust to that. When you’re talking to a customer, take notes on how your conversation went. This way, when you are working with them later you will remember what your interaction was like.

Customers will notice and take into account what his or her experience was like when you talked. Whether it was positive or negative, they will let people know. Having a positive experience will allow you to be more well known throughout your community. People will spread the word if they had an amazing experience with your company. Remember that each time you are talking to a new customer because a bad interaction could cause some issues. Within a community news travels fast. You don’t want to be the business with the bad attitude, otherwise you won’t be a business anymore.

Personalization can also occur online. Everyone has a website but you want yours to stand out. Viewers are likely to leave your website if they don’t get a good feel from the site.

Any marketing techniques you do should represent your company the best way it can. A person can understand a company better just by looking at one of its advertisements. Personalizing your ads will help your audience feel more comfortable and interested. At Rock the Aisle Bridal we personalize ourselves by using our own photos, and hosting our own events.

A great tactic to assist in personalizing your company is to create a video. People love to see the work you do the best way they can. The only other way they could see your work is by using you or going to an event so a video is the next best thing. It should showcase your company’s uniqueness.

Through social media, blogs, website, advertisements and customer relationships it can be a lot to personalize everything but it is shown to be the beneficial. Adding detail to everything you do and looking at quality over quantity can improve your company as a whole. People feel more comfortable talking to someone if they really know who and what the business is. Personalization can create a network you didn’t think you could have.

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